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Carver Cares Initiative

Welcome to Carver Cares!

Work with Carver Cares by e-mailing

What Carver Cares is: A community outreach initiative run by volunteers, employees, and friends.  Carver Cares is run with profits from Carver Construction as well as contributions and donations from companies we work with.  

What Carver Cares isn't:

  • A non-profit

  • Its own company

To support any of these organizations that we work with, you can click their logo to be directed to their site.


Community Support

Community Initiative

We work in communities all over Middle Tennessee but we focus mostly on Nashville and the areas immediately surrounding it.  Our mission is to leave these areas better than we found them and we don't just mean the roads!  Our work allows us to care for our employees, their families, and our community.  We support local organizations, sport teams, and events, as well as people and community initiatives that aren't non-profits. Scroll down and have a look at some of the things we do!

Some of our ongoing initiatives...
Historic Preservation,
Unhoused Outreach,
Non-Profit Support,
Human Rights,
Immigrant and Refugee Rights, 
Paving with Purpose

A Quick Message from the Founder & CEO...

365 Days a Year, 
Carver CARES

All year, we do outreach initiatives and we care about human rights.  We care about fighting for rights after pride month ends.  We care that all voices are heard.  We will not sponsor events and invest in communities and then forget about the investments that we make in people.  Diversity, inclusion, culture, and people are the most important thing in our community.  I hope that every day that we leave Nashville, or any city that we work in, we leave it better than we found it. 

-Heather Carver, CEO

Carver Construction Company

HRCNashvilleDinner2023 Heather carver giving speach

Historic Preservation

Our CEO, Heather, has a particular interest in history, historic preservation, and anthropology.  In addition to continuing her education in these areas of study, she has chosen to fund projects related to these fields.  One of these projects was the restoration of the Dr. Martin Walton House in Springfield, TN.  The Dr. Martin Walton House was built in 1809 and is on the National Register of Historic places.  Mrs. Carver, our CTO, Joseph, and executive team member Alani, are currently working toward making the Walton House a 501(c)3 non-profit and museum.  Joseph has a formal education in Military History.  

Carver Cares is also interested in funding field projects related to Anthropology and Archaeology.   If you're interested in funding for your projects, please contact us at with ARCHAEOLOGY FUNDING in the subject line.  These e-mails will get forwarded to Heather or Joseph directly. 


Carver Cares Bags

Carver Bags

Carver is committed to serving the needs of our community by any means we can, and one easy way that we can be present for those in need is through our Carver Cares bags. Because our employees are on the roads of Tennessee, we encounter many underserved members of the community in neighborhoods all throughout the state. Each bag contains resource information, toiletries, and seasonal clothing items to protect from harsh weather elements. If you know someone in need of Carver Cares bags, or would like to donate, click HERE to contact us.

Carver Cares Bag

We are proud to support this local non profit that provides education, prevention, and care to those affected by HIV/AIDS on the inner-city streets of Nashville.


Proud Member

We are a proud GOLD Member of the TN Pride Chamber

Human rights logo

Human Rights

Carver was the presenting sponsor of the 2023 Human Rights Campaign Gala in Nashville, TN

Carver is a proud member of the Tennessee Immigrant & Refugee Rights Coalition.  In addition to our membership, we are the presenting sponsor for the 2023 InterNASHional Night Market taking place on September 23, 2023.

Paving with Purpose

Some communities don't have access to funding or have limited resources.  Paving with Purpose is a paving and funding initiative in both rural and underserved communities.

In Pleasant View, TN residents were frustrated with a pothole issue on a privately owned, but publicly used road. After working to gain permission from the owners and working with the city, Carver Cares re-surfaced the road at no cost to anyone.  This was part of our Paving with Purpose initiative.


Robertson County Family YMCA is in a rural community with not as much access to funding as some places in Nashville.  We have been able to partner up with them to help children in the Robertson County area attend summer camp as well as help to fund other youth programs for teens in the area.  

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